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[APORTE PARA]: Actualizaciones de Infinity.

Software especial para modelos GSM y CDMA. Para ver la lista completa de modelos soportados * siga este enlace

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[APORTE PARA]: Actualizaciones de Infinity.

Mensaje por GeorgeEcuador »

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SP2/SPD-UniSoc v2.08 - NAND, Forensic and more features !

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

Changed : FlashCore protocol updated
Changed : NAND support rebuild
Changed : X64 SS/RS loader line handling optimized
New SOC : SC9820E with NAND support
New SOC : SC7731E with NAND support

Changed : NAND support rebuild
Changed : Big files handling optimized
Changed : NVM manager updated

Firmware reader
New Feature : UniSoc NAND SC9820E/SC7731E support activated !
- Allow backup FW from range of phones, based on SC9820E/SC7731E SoC with NAND flash memory
- Firmware is complete, not damage any security, ota or any other compatibility
Changed : Improved structure identification
Changed : Forced reading ( disable deep verify ) option enabled - Use WITH CAUTION!
Changed : Android 4.x / Mocor 5 specific changes
Changed : UBI defragmentation for NAND devices activated by default

New Feature : Security Repair allow change BT/WiFi MAC
- Useful only in DiagMode for UniSoc(E-line), Flash/Diag for SPRD line
Changed : Security Repair options - Generate MAC's - double click at MAC field to generate and activated
Changed : Security Repair options - AutoIncremental set SEC2/SEC3 fields, when SEC1 set. Just double click in next field
Changed : Security Repair : NVM Manager updated according latest devices changes
Changed : Identify : Support identify for UniSoc NAND line
Changed : Identify : NAND identify speed increased

Changed : Privacy reading types increased to 4 ( +2 new types )
New Feature : UserData DeepVerify and DUMP activated!
- Available for users with active Infinity Data Explorer module!
- Ignore ALL sprd protocol limitations, which require MEMORY DESOLDER and EXTERNAL MEMORY PROGRAMMER using!
- Allow verify and dump COMPLETE USER image for wide range of types and filesystems
1. eMMC with EXT3/EXT4 filesystem. FDE check may differs from Identify!
2. eMMC with F2FS filesystem. FDE check may differs from Identify!
3. NAND with UBIFS. Result image defragmented and prepared for further forensic analyze
- Internal checks during dumping make differ, than Identify option, analysis. Even if Identify say FDE - device can be not encrypted.
- Ability to resume dumping in case of read fails, can be used much times, as need
- After dumping device must be flashed!
1. Get FW or make FW backup from WORKING/GOOD device with complete options if SW asks
2. Complete Flash device
2. If need revert device to initial state
2.1 : Select FW, uncheck all items ( Rmouse - > Uncheck all )
2.2 : Select UBOOT/SPL
2.3 : All other settings must be default, not touch anything
2.4 : Flash device

Model DB
Changed : New generic loaders included, changes some existing once for better compatibility
Changed : Generic SC9820E NAND loaders included
Changed : Generic SC7731E NAND loaders included

QIN QF9 ( QIN1 SC9820E ) - full support : Read/Write FW,Reset Settings,Security,Service
- Firmware can be found on support area
- Boot key : Call button
- Change Lang sequence : Ok, Left, down, ok, 15 times - down, ok, ok, select need language ( English )

Download link #1

Download link #2

Download link #3
Contenido Oculto
Este foro requiere que este registrado e identificado para ver el contenido oculto.

How to upload files to support

Infinity-Box 15 years updates and support as nobody else since year 2005

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SP2 v2.09 SPRD/UniSoc SPunlock open test

Mensaje por GeorgeEcuador »

Dear Sirs,

SPD unlock (signed and not sgned) released in TEST mode for FREE

Test procedure updated 15-Nov-2020 due to instead of post test reports users just unlock phones silently.
Yes, we understand that user want to unlock phones for free but team need some benefits - test reports to improve solution.
Thank you for your kind understanding !

If you already tested software earlier but now you get error 62:
- post here your tested model name and post your previous unlock attempt operation log text here (if not posted yet)
- write your IOS username and name of phone that you have for future tests
- you will get your accout reactivated shortly

Before test:
- write here your IOS Username and phone model that you have for test
- TEST option will be activated for your Username
- download and install Infinity CM2SP2 v2.09 DOWNLOAD LINK 1 or DOWNLOAD LINK 2
- run software
- go to Settings tab and enter your IOS username and password
- make unlock

After test:
- write here your tested phone model name
- copy/paste software operation log text here so developers can see result and improve solution if need

It is recommended to unlock in FLASH mode but not with diag first!
If you can't boot device / select correct settings - you can use diag interface ( for example Nokia C1 and similar signed device without public-found loaders )

Should work on most phones now, but need make more tests.
Unlock is free for signed devices too ( for test period only )

Hurry up

IMPORTANT: post software operation log text and phone model name after TEST !

Models tested with server:
Itel A14
Hisense U963 HLTE100E
Mobicel Beam
Mobicel Glo
Mobicel Rio SS
N-C1 TA-1165
Safaricom Neon Ray
Tecno SC7S
Vodacom Kicka-4-VE
ZTE Blade L130
ZTE Blade A3 2019
ZTE Aspire A3 2019
ZTE Aspire A5

Models tested standalone (no server required):
Blu C4
GoMobile 1452
Hisense U963
Mobicel Rio SS
Safariom Neon Ray Pro
Tecno SA2S

How to know is server required or not:
Look at software log, you will see line like: SEC : SLS:0, SKS:x, SKV:x
if SLS is zero - no need server
if SLS is not zero - server need

P.S. Special "thanks" to users who requested tester status and make unlock but never reported their results. Test options for these users is closed forever.
(if you think you are in this list by mistake do not hesitate to contact us to be removed).
Usernames with suspended test option due to no test logs posted:
Unlocker Ecuador Somos lo mejor
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